Pregnancy is one of the most significant and miraculous phases in a woman’s life. But, this time can also be very stressful because many things have to be taken care of to ensure that the pregnancy does not go wrong.

The addition of a global pandemic hasn’t made life much easier for expecting mothers. However, the added pressure of the pandemic raised the bar for many medical facilities, and more doctors than ever are now offering telehealth and telemedicine appointments.

Many medical professionals are offering telehealth and telemedicine services to help expecting mothers access the care they need in pregnancy. With telehealth, mothers can speak with doctors and other professionals from the comfort of their home – with more excellent care and convenience than ever before.

Are you wondering if telehealth is right for your pregnancy? Read on to learn more about telehealth services for expectant mothers.

What is Telehealth?

While the term telehealth is a relatively new concept, it’s not something you would typically come across in your daily life. Telehealth services or appointments are facilitated by using advanced technology like video conferencing software and digital stethoscopes. 

On the other hand, telemedicine is a newer concept that allows you to receive medical services via specialized equipment and the Internet. Telemedicine allows access to medical services and consultations with qualified health practitioners no matter where you live.

Telehealth uses technology and the Internet for providing consultations, diagnosis, education, treatment, or other healthcare-related services.

The Benefits of Telehealth for Pregnant Women

There are a variety of benefits that come with accessing telehealth technology while pregnant. From increased control and convenience to added security and peace of mind, telehealth’s capabilities can help expectant mothers enjoy their journey in many ways:

Increased Convenience of Access

The use of telehealth services allows you to consult a doctor without needing to leave your home.

You do not have to make frequent trips, and you don’t have travel costs or parking fees. Best of all, except for a webcam’s video quality, there aren’t many technical problems that can prevent you from understanding what is being said by the doctor or specialist.

The Ability to Speak with Multiple Healthcare Professionals

Telehealth allows you to consult multiple specialists. This is a blessing for a pregnant woman who can easily suffer from diseases that require treatment from more than one medical expert.

A Reduction in Travel

Telehealth services put an end to the need for a pregnant woman to travel long distances in search of urgent or emergency medical care. This is especially critical for mothers who may live in rural areas not close to a hospital or OBGYN office.

A Better Understanding of the Pregnancy Process

Many pregnant women experience morning sickness and may vomit frequently. This can cause them to get dehydrated, sicker, or feel fatigued. 

Telehealth allows you to consult your doctor from the comfort of your home, and it lets them ask questions while you’re at home or in front of a webcam.

Greater Comfort During Exams

The use of telehealth technology allows pregnant women to get comfortable and relax during exams because they do not need to expose themselves for extended periods.

Early Detection of Problems and Reduced Pain

Telehealth can allow pregnant women to consult specialists about problems they’re experiencing even before labor begins. This can help reduce the amount of pain experienced while delivering a baby.

Doctors can also offer advice and guidance on pain or discomfort without a mother needing to travel.

How to Find the Right Telehealth Option

As an expectant mother, having access to the best telehealth service is a priority. It’s advised to look for a telehealth provider that is:

Compatible with Your Home Setup

Some services may not work if you have older audio or visual equipment, while others do not offer technical support 24/7 as needed. Make sure to choose a provider that is equipped with the latest software and hardware.

Able to Meet Your Needs

Don’t settle for something that can’t help you consult with the best specialists in your area or can’t offer technical support for early morning calls. Ensure that they are ready to meet your unique needs.

Able to Offer a Quality Video Experience

 It’s almost impossible to make out facial expressions on some webcam videos, and poor image quality may prevent you from understanding what is being said by the medical expert.

When choosing a telehealth service, it’s advised to speak directly with the doctor or specialist to understand their credentials and experience better. You should also ask them about their experiences using telehealth and if they have particular tips for expectant mothers.

Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to two or three medical experts, it’s time to schedule an appointment so that you can have a detailed conversation about their services!

Learn More about Telehealth with Help To Moms

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