For many women, pregnancy is a unique season of life. Waiting and watching as your body adapts to help bring a child to life can be incredibly exciting – and simultaneously painful. Nearly every woman experiences pain and discomfort throughout their pregnancy, with the severity of the symptoms varying from woman to woman.

Every pregnancy journey is unique, and so is the experience of pain throughout the trimesters. Some women experience the same pain levels with each subsequent pregnancy, while others may report one pregnancy being worse than another. 

If you are an expectant mother, it can be beneficial to know what you may experience along the journey to motherhood. Knowing the potential aches and pains that are associated with pregnancy can give you peace of mind when pain strikes and help you understand how to treat or reduce it throughout the journey.

At Help To Moms, we are passionate about helping pregnant women learn more about pregnancy pain. Let’s break down the potential aches you may experience during pregnancy – and how best to treat them to help you enjoy the journey fully.

The Most Common Pains Of Pregnancy

If you never experience pain during your pregnancy, count yourself as one of the lucky ones! The vast majority of women experience various aches and pains during pregnancy, ranging from a dull, annoying discomfort to sharp pains that can cause shortness of breath. 


One unexpected and unwanted source of pain you may experience during pregnancy is cramping. Similar to menstrual cramping, pregnancy pain from cramping can cause many women to fear that they are experiencing complications or a miscarriage. 

Fortunately, cramping is typically a typical experience as the uterus begins to expand to give space to the growing and thriving baby. While uncomfortable, this type of cramping can be reduced with many of the same methods used during menstrual cramping.

Gas, Bloating, & Constipation

Another common source of pain in pregnancy can come from gas, constipation, and bloating. As your body begins to change and your hormones start to kick into high gear, you may find that your digestive system struggles to keep up. This can cause pain and discomfort that you may not usually experience.

Watching your diet and using approved heartburn medications can reduce the pain that comes with gastrointestinal issues during pregnancy. Take heart, as these symptoms are often uncomfortable but completely normal during pregnancy.

Breast Pain

As the pregnancy progresses, the breasts will begin to grow in size, and milk ducts will activate in preparation for birth. Your hormones play a prominent role in this process, as they tell the body it’s time to start preparing to nourish your baby – whether you plan to breastfeed or not. 

Breast pain and soreness can come and go throughout the pregnancy and is often believed to be an early sign of pregnancy (but not always!)

Round Ligament Pain 

One of the most common complaints that women report during pregnancy – especially in the second and third trimesters – is round ligament pain. 

Typically appearing during the second trimester, round ligament pain occurs as the ligaments in the abdomen stretch to help support the growing uterus. This straining of the muscles can cause dull aches that linger for some time, and in some cases, cause sharp pains as the ligaments tear and repair.

Sharp Pains

All of the above symptoms are common with normal, healthy pregnancies. However, should you begin to feel unexpected sharp pains that occur suddenly on one side of your body, you may want to speak with your healthcare provider. In many cases, sharp pains are no reason to worry, but it is always best to seek professional medical help if they occur consistently.

In some rare instances, sharp pains that take your breath away can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy and require medical attention immediately to avoid potential complications.

Pain & Potential Miscarriage

One concern that many pregnant women have is the relation between unexpected pain and miscarriage. While there are signs that you may be experiencing a miscarriage during pregnancy, not all aches are a bad omen. In some instances, sharp pains and cramping can precede a miscarriage, but not always. 

Knowing the major pains associated with pregnancy and how common they are can help grant you peace of mind when it comes to miscarriage. Always speak with your OBGYN and be transparent about both any pain you are experiencing and your fears, as they will be able to advise you and encourage you throughout the process.

Find Relief From Pregnancy Pain With Help To Moms

While the vast majority of aches and pains are a normal part of a safe pregnancy, they can impact your daily life and make the journey challenging to endure. Many women struggle to complete daily tasks and keep up with their personal expectations as their pain knocks them for days to weeks at a time.

At Help To Moms, our team is dedicated to helping mothers discover more about pregnancy and find the resources they need to enjoy the process. From articles that help break down the stages and experiences of pregnancy to telemedicine services to help moms in need, we are ready to step in and walk with you throughout your pregnancy. 

You aren’t alone in your pregnancy pain. To learn more about our services and our specialized equipment designed to reduce pain and discomfort, visit us online.