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About Us

 HelptoMoms was formed after the founder, a veteran of the medical equipment industry, and his wife were expecting their first child. He realized very quickly the challenges pregnant women face, as he sought to provide comfort for his wife. The solution he developed for her worked wonderfully, and in their very first year thousands of women were helped.

  • Just received it! I'm super excited to use my Pregnancy Kit! Thank you SurgPrep for helping me build the courage to gain more knowledge and understand more about my pregnancy.

    Macie Johnson

  • I am a Certified Nurse-Midwife(CNM), and a Family Nurse Practitioner Certified (FNP-C). Using the DVT Prevention Device, part of the DME Pregnancy Kit will help prevent blood clots, especially after a big blood loss, and/or could definitely prevent Moms’ from having a stroke.

    Dr. Melan Smith-Francis

  • I was nervous at first but HelptoMoms helped me understand the benefits of their product. This kit has helped relieve so much of the pain in my body. I just love it! No more waist pains! No more sleepless nights!

    Harper D. Hamilton

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We are helping expecting and postpartum moms with our Pregnancy Support Kit and other supportive supplies. Our process is extremely convenient, taking no more than a few minutes of the patients time.